Ross County Law Complex Contractor "Walks-Away" From Job

The company that was the lead contractor of the Ross County Law Complex renovation is now off the job. Ross County Sheriff George Lavender says some of the work being done by Palmetto Construction, will need to be redone due to poor workmanship.


The sheriff says the county commissioners have contacted attorneys to keep the county's interest at heart as well as contacting the bonding company in order to get sub-contractors paid for work already done. There is a strong possibility that the project will need to be re-bid to get it completed.


The project was actually bid for $5.7 million for renovations were to be done in multiple phases and take approximately 1 year to complete. The renovations were intended to secure prisoner holding areas, kitchen and office areas. An earlier figure of $8.7 million was obtained from a "press release" released in 2017 that was actually stating a project that would have involved more work than was finally agreed to.


Listen to our interview with Sheriff George Lavender and Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis, where they discuss the complex and also area flooding scene recently. Click our podcast link found below....


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