Highland Emergency Operations to Utilize Cloth Masks Amid Mask Shortage

The Highland County Emergency Operations Center is preparing to utilize cloth masks in an effort to protect against the COVID-19 virus, and the agency is putting out a call for those will to help create these cloth masks. In a release on Wednesday, March 25th, Highland County Emergency Operations Public Information Officer Branden Jackman stated the following:

There’s been a lot of buzz on Facebook about sewing cloth masks to help those on the front lines of this battle. We have a dwindling supply of personal protective equipment and are going to utilize cloth masks to cover the N95 masks, and to also issue these masks to those that have nothing.

Any and all masks donated will be laundered prior to being issued out to health care providers or those in public safety who are in need. After issued, the laundering of the masks will be the sole responsibility of whoever it was issued to.

Some points to ponder if you’d like to sew masks for us:

  • 100% cotton, tightly woven fabric
  • Non-smoking homes only please
  • Both men and women will be using these
  • Cloth ties are okay if you don’t want to use elastic
  • Water repellent fabric is not a requirement
  • If you are ill, please don’t sew or donate masks

We encourage you to share photos to social media and with friends as you sew these masks and deliver them. There has been so much bad news, let’s get some good news out as well. If you share on social media, please use the hashtag #wearehighland so everyone can see the effort being put forth to fight COVID-19. Once the masks are ready, you can send an email to donations@pcjefd.org to have them picked up.

As always, if you believe you have symptoms of Coronavirus and can’t manage your symptoms by yourself, please call any health care provider ahead of showing up at their office.

We’re all in this together, be nice.

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