Ross County Confirms 17th COVID-19 Patient As Of Easter

The Ross County Health District is reporting that there are now 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ross County residents. The reported cases are for Ross County residents only.

Not all confirmed cases were tested at Adena Health System and Adena may have additional confirmed cases that are not Ross County residents as they serve a multi-county region.

At the time of this release (11am on 4/12/20), there have been 170 Ross County residents tested, 17 confirmed positive, 122 negative, and 31 suspected (waiting on test results). Those confirmed with COVID19 range in ages 23-76. There are eleven males and six females. It has been confirmed there is community spread in Ross County.

The Health District’s infectious disease staff continue following established contact tracing guidelines and will contact anyone these individuals have been in close contact with.

The Health District reminds the public to do your part and stay home. If you need assistance during this stay at home order, residents can call 2-1-1 or visit to find local resources and services in Ross County.

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