Chillicothe VA Offers Virtual Addiction Recovery Services

The Chillicothe VA Medical Center understands recovery support is as important as ever, especially in the present times of social distancing and increased isolation. Addiction Recovery Services programs have been modified to include virtual treatment to reach Veterans in their homes via their personal device (laptop, iPad, smart phone or telephone).

Brief-Intensive Outpatient Treatment (B-IOT) via Video on Demand

B-IOT is recommended for those just starting their recovery journey or those who have recently completed a residential program and need a high level of support and structure on an outpatient basis. All treatment in B-IOT utilizes evidenced informed practices which have demonstrated success at helping individuals make successful change to their substance use.

Chillicothe VA’s B-IOT meets virtually three times per day, three days per week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 27 sessions with the use of a mobile device to provide those in early recovery with the structure and support to achieve substance use treatment goals.

Aftercare Treatment via Video on Demand Aftercare is designed for those Veterans who have completed a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment program and need ongoing care and support. The groups are 60 minutes in length and several recovery topics are addressed over a 26-week period.

Participants of Aftercare will attend one session per week for 26 weeks. This group is offered four times per week on Monday and Wednesday. “Living in Balance”, the evidenced based curriculum from Hazelden, is used in this therapy group.

Veterans interested in these programs can contact the VA’s Addiction Recovery Services at 740-773-1141, extension 749

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