Circleville City Council Goes Out Doors for 1st Pandemic In-Person Meeting

Circleville City Council met face-to-face Tuesday night for the first time since the Coronavirus pandemic began. The meeting was held in an enclosed pavilion at Mary Virginia Crites Park just outside the city limits.

Several ordinances were presented, but foremost council heard from Mayor Don McElroy on citizen concerns over the use of PPE masks within the city. It comes on the heels of the governor's mandate that masks now be worn in all locations in seven Ohio counties, including Franklin County to the immediate north.

The mayor stated there were three options available, such as issuing a mandate, creating a city ordinance, or doing nothing.

After conferring with council, it was decided that individual responsibility and the choice of local businesses to adopt their own policies was in the best interest for now.

Council also heard a third reading on the ordinance to adopt the city budget of over 24 million dollars for fiscal year 2021, which did pass.

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