Chillicothe Based Horizon Telcom Terminates Employment of Their CEO

Chillicothe based Horizon Telcom Inc. has terminated the employment of CEO Bill McKell. The company made the announcement, coming from Horizon Chairperson Ted Mocarski in a Thursday press release on their company website.

Details of the company's reasoning for the termination were not disclosed.

The McKell Family owned the company for over a century, until they sold it to Novacap, in June of 2018.

Below is the company statement as it appears on their website.


Chillicothe, OH- July 9, 2020

"The Horizon Board of Directors has terminated the emplyment of Chief Executive Officer Bill McKell. While we cannot comment on the circumstances surrounding the termination of Mr. McKell's employment, we assure you that Horizon takes seriously its commitment to address all matters that come to its attention in a swift and appropriate matter".

"The Board of Directors will assume the responsibilities of leading Horizon, working with its leadership team to ensure our business continues uninterrupted. Horizon's outstanding team of professionals will continue to focus on serving our business and residential customers".

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