Washington CH City Schools Announce Safety Plan for 2020/2021 School Year

The Washington Court House City Schools has released its initial plan for the 2020/2021 school year.

In a letter to parents this week, District Superintendent Tom Bailey announced that due to the well-documented importance of in-person learning, the Washington Court House City Schools will be in full session, beginning August 24th, which means school will be a full day, every day.

Prior to the August 24th start date, students and their parents or guardians will be scheduled to come into the school for a re-entry meeting to provide information about how the student is coping during the pandemic and to discuss the student’s academic progress.

All district employees will be required to wear masks when appropriate and students are highly encouraged to wear masks. Students will also be asked to wash their hands and use sanitizer throughout the day.

District bus service will be offered but parents with the ability to drive their child to school, or those students who live within walking distance of the school, are encouraged to do so. A decision on masks for bus-riding students is pending.

Students will have their temperature checke prior to entering the school building. A child with a temperature of 100-degrees will need to picked up and taken home.

Students who take part in school lunch will be provided a sack lunch and students will eat inside their classroom instead of the cafeteria.

Students attending Cherry Hill and Belle Aire will be assigned to a classroom for all core instruction. Students will multiple teachers will not move, rather teachers will move from classroom to classroom.

A plan is also being worked out by the district maintenance department to keep all areas of buildings and buses thoroughly clean and sanitized.

For a complete breakdown of the district’s re-entry plan, please visit the district website at www.washingtonch.k12.oh.us

The district’s current plan is subject to change at any time so parents are advised to follow the district’s social media as more details are made available over the coming weeks.

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