Ohio Health Order Halts Sports "Multi-Team" Matches

The Ohio Department of Health officially put their order out on Wednesday, that allows fall high school sports to move forward, with numerous restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ODH order includes that teams are limited to one team vs. team games/match per day, although multiple games/matches may be played between the same teams in the same 24-hour period, if so desired.

The exceptions to this rule, appear to be golf, tennis and cross country, which can be conducted in a more socially distanced manner. Cross country does have a restriction of a maximum of 150 runners in the same race, although the ODH recommends "fewer runners".

Volleyball could be the most impacted fall sport, since teams typically have 2-3 multiple team matches through in the regular season with tri, quad and invitational tournament matches". This could prove interesting in post-season tournaments, where double and even triple-headers are seen at the district and regional level.

The ODH order says when post-season tournaments are approaching, tournament managers will have to contact their local health departments to determine how this will be handled.

To see the entire state order from the Ohio Department of Health, go to this website link: CLICK HERE....

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