Adena Health System CEO Says COVID Has Taught Hospitals How To Adapt

COVID-19 has kept everyone in health care working at a hectic pace, but it has also served as a teacher of how to handle mass casualty events.

Jeff Graham, CEO of Adena Health System, says some of the steps Adena has taken over the months of pandemic care, have been to isolate COVID patients from the rest of the hospital population as well as during projected patient surges to make available other parts of the hospital campus for overflow patients.

Graham says their regional medical center has shown an ability to adapt to potential patient surges during the COVID-19 pandemic, which will be lessons not lost in the future.

Graham says there has also been a time during one of the pandemic surges where they were able to send hospital personnel to care for up to 25 COVID patients in their own home, to keep hospital bed space available for patients with more critical care needs.

Jeff Graham will appear as the iHeart Media Communique guest Sunday morning (1/3/21).

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