Chillicothe Council Meetings Return to Chambers

Chillicothe Council passed four agenda items during its May 10th regular session.

Members, who met in Council Chambers, voted to waive the three-read rule on all passed legislation, which included:

  • a resolution granting use of Yoctangee Park and surrounding streets for the Feast of the Flowering Moon on May 27th-30th;
  • a resolution designating Chillicothe as a Purple Heart City;
  • an ordinance approving signage for the Chillicothe Athletic Center in the right of way on Banyas Boulevard for 1245 Western Avenue;
  • an ordinance amending Ordinance #13-21 with regard to Chillicothe Fire Department MARCS radio-related expenses.

Council heard on first reading an ordinance that would appropriate $20,091.34 from the HUD Housing Revolving Loan Fund for use toward a CHIP Grant Owner Rehabilitation Project.

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