Cops Deliver Mother's Day Flowers After Arresting Delivery Driver For DUI

A group of officers from Fairfield, California, weren't going to let a drunk driver ruin Mother's Day for several local families. On Sunday (May 9), officers received a report of a crash and located the suspect, who had fled the scene.

When officers stopped the driver, they determined they were under the influence of alcohol and took them into custody. In the trunk of the car, they noticed about ten bouquets of flowers that the driver was supposed to deliver to families in the area.

The officers searched the vehicle and found an invoice that listed where the flowers were supposed to be dropped off. With the addresses in hand, the officers decided to take the flowers and finish the deliveries themselves.

"Fairfield police finishes the remaining flower deliveries for you! Happy Mother's Day 2021, everyone. Hopefully, we get the flowers to their destinations on time," the department said on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the department told KTVU that the officers were able to deliver all the flowers on time and that the mothers were appreciative they took the time to ensure the bouquets reached their destination.

Photo: Fairfield Police Department