Businesswoman Running for Fifth Ward seat on Chillicothe Council

Allison Henderson is running on the Republican ticket for the Fifth Ward seat on Chillicothe council. She had a meet & greet at the Old Capitol Brewery on Paint Street, Thursday.

Henderson is an optometrist who recently moved her practice downtown...after moving to a home on South Paint Street about four years ago. She says her husband saw her looking around and saying what needed to be improved in their neighborhood...and he told her "you need to run for council."

She says the diversity of the Fifth Ward - covering South Paint from downtown almost to the paper mill, and the hilltop almost to OU-C - begs for her to work on unity and communication. She says council members should represent and communicate for their residents, and be the ones people can go to for help and their needs.

Henderson says working as a "zone governor" for her Ohio Optometric Association district gave her experience as a representative and organizer.

She is running against incumbent Democrat, Courtney Lewis.

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