Ohio Singer Nightbirde's 'Still Got Dreams' After Dropping Out Of 'AGT'

America's Got Talent - Season: 16

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The Ohio woman who sings as Nightbirde was “so sad” to announce that she would have to drop out of the America’s Got Talent competition.

Jane Marczewski, 30, of Zanesville, captivated viewers when she delivered a heartfelt rendition of her original song “It’s OK” during her audition. She also opened up about her ongoing cancer battle, noting that she had “some cancer” in her lungs, spine and liver. Nightbirde’s audition, hailed as “authentic” and “powerful” by the panel of celebrity judges, earned her an emphatic golden buzzer slam from Simon Cowell.

Nightbirde announced Monday (August 2) that her “health has taken a turn for the worse and the fight with cancer is demanding all of my energy and attention.” It forced her to drop out of America’s Got Talent.

In a new interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Nightbirde opened up about the state of her health — and revealed big hopes for her future.

“She’s proved that pain and purpose and hope can all coexist,” Cuomo introduced the former America’s Got Talent contestant. He and Nightbirde shared video of their interview Wednesday night (August 4).

“To tell you the truth I have been curled up in a ball like a little cocktail shrimp having an A+ pity party for myself… It’s been pretty devastating,” Nightbirde admitted of the news that her cancer had gotten worse. She added: “I’m not a quitter, so it was really, really hard for me to say that I couldn’t finish the show.”

Nightbirde said that the cancer regrowth had taken over her lungs and liver, and that her liver is “mostly cancer” now. Still, she reiterated: “I’m planning my future, not my legacy. Some people would call that blind denial, but I prefer to call it rebellious hope. I’m not stopping any time soon.”

Nightbirde also revealed that she’s still been writing music, and has big goals for herself. She told Cuomo:

“This cancer’s gotta go…which I really believe is gonna happen soon, I really do. And after that I’m gonna write the most amazing record you ever heard in your life, and I’ll see you on the road.”

Cuomo also noted a GoFundMe campaign to help #SeeJaneWin.The fundraiser collected nearly $315,000, far exceeding the $30,000 goal.

Another fundraiser organized by the Marczewski family exceeded its $100,000 goal with more than $110,000.

Watch Nightbirde’s latest interview here:

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