Mask Requirements Looming Amid COVID Variant

In the coming days, locals should anticipate the return of mask requirements at government buildings within the City of Chillicothe. At Monday night's Chillicothe City Council meeting, Mayor Luke Feeney said the city will again require masks to be worn in its buildings -- a decision made following last week's Community Response Team meeting.

"We'll be putting out a release on our page, along with share publicly, of the other community entities that have signed on to make this decision," said Feeney.

The mayor said it's a move being made with excessive care and caution for the community amid spread of the COVID variant.

"For me personally, what I have most in mind, is kids, students returning to school and making sure that we as the public -- in the areas that we can control -- step things up so that kids this year can return to school and have the ... best school experience they can," Feeney said.

Also at the meeting, Council passed the following agenda items:

  • an ordinance appropriating $120,899.20 for the City’s share of costs for improvements to the Law Enforcement Complex;
  • an ordinance accepting the donation of property located northeast of the Poland Park parking lot on South Hickory Street;
  • a resolution naming the City of Chillicothe appointment to the District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee;
  • an ordinance accepting the material terms of the One Ohio Subdivision Settlement pursuant of the One Ohio Memorandum of Understanding and consistent with the terms of the July 21, 2021, National Opioid Settlement Agreement;
  • an ordinance authorizing the issuance of not to exceed $932,390 vehicle and equipment acquisition bonds for the purpose of acquiring certain vehicles and equipment.

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