"Tecumseh!" Outdoor Drama Recovers Well from 2020 COVID Closure

The producers of "Tecumseh!" sent out an email Sunday:

What a year it has been.

Last summer amidst being shut down for the pandemic, our company was facing an uncertain future. None of us were sure that Tecumseh! would ever be produced again. Tecumseh is a very expensive show to produce, and losing an entire year of our ability to sell tickets or hold fundraisers looked to be an impossible situation to overcome.

We placed our hopes in our community of supporters, tightened our belts, and went to work. And as the community always has, it answered the call. Through the hard work of an extremely small administrative staff (meaning 3) and the generosity of those who believe in the show, we opened in June to enthusiastic crowds.

And the people kept coming.

Tonight [Sunday], we will close the most improbable season that an American theatre has ever seen. It's been wonderful sharing these beautiful summer nights with you.

With sincerest gratitude for all of you from all of us.


Tecumseh! will return to the stage on June 16, 2022 for our 50th Season!

Events on Sugarloaf Mountain this fall include "The Passion of Dracula!" 6pm each Friday and Saturday in October, and the "First Capital Bourbon Dinner & Van Winkle Raffle" at the Christopher Conference Center November 12th.

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