Chillicothe's Holiday Light Contest Winners Announced

The winners of Chillicothe's Holiday Light Contest have been chosen...though Parks & Rec report it's getting harder each year to pick winners, with decorators going above and beyond and giving the judges a very difficult time.

The winners of the Normal Rockwell, tradition lighting, are:

  • 3rd: a tie between 90 Sharon Rd (Wahneda Dalton and Anthony Clark) and 132 Grand Ave (James Glandon and Shannon Berry)
  • 2nd: 629 Arch St. (Leonard and Trish Steyer)
  • 1st: 330 Piatt Ave (Cathy and John Zangri)

For Clark Griswold's excessive lighting:

  • 3rd: a tie between 637 Linn St. (Emily and Zachery Leasure) and 132 Yaples Orchard (John and Carol Welch)
  • 2nd: 694 Orange St. (Randy Kelley)
  • 1st: 341 Clay St. (Jason M. Adkins Sr.)

All will be featured on a Chillicothe Transit Bus tour that will be held in the coming weeks.

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