Ohio Statehood Day Achievement Award to Producers of "Tecumseh!" Drama

Ohio celebrated its 219th birthday this week, with the first capital celebrating Statehood Day this past Saturday.

As part of the local annual event, the Kiwanis Club of Chillicothe announces an Ohio Statehood Day Achievement Award to a local individual or organization who provides community service and represents the “Spirit of Ohio.” This year they presented that to The Scioto Society, the governing board of the outdoor drama "Tecumseh!"

Chillicothe Kiwanis President Rick Marriot and Kiwanian Henry Barlage Jr. presented the achievement award to producer and CEO Brandon Smith, and Scioto Society Director of Finance and Personnel Marcia Holton.

Kiwanis says the award touts the Scioto Society’s dedication to the cultural, educational and economic development of the region, and its efforts to bring regional and national awareness to the Chillicothe area.

Though there were museum open houses Saturday, the annual Prayer Breakfast had been cancelled before COVID concerns lessened, and so the award was made at a different time.

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