Man Charged with Terroristic Threat of Chillicothe Municipal Courthouse

A Chillicothe man has been charged with a terroristic threat of the Chillicothe Municipal Courthouse.

The Chillicothe Police Department reports that around 12:45pm Monday, September 26th, 2022, a male called the building and said there were two bombs there. The Municipal Courthouse was evacuated and searched, but no bombs were located.

After an extensive investigation the Detective Division report they were able to locate a suspect, 53-year-old Danny Hughes of Chillicothe. Hughes admitted to making the call, and said he was trying to get his girlfriend out of court that day.

Hughes was arrested and charged with Terroristic Threats, Inducing Panic, and an unrelated Protection Order Violation...and was escorted to the Ross County Jail.

This comes during a rash of false threats to Ohio schools and other buildings, including Chillicothe High School.

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