Julie Preston is Republican Candidate for Chillicothe Mayor

While Mayor Luke Feeney is the Democratic incumbent mayor of Chillicothe, he now has a challenger.

At-large council member Julie Preston was announced as the Republican candidate for mayor, in Thursday's annual dinner of the Republican Women of Ross County.

After Monday's Chillicothe Council session, she said she is running because she is is a Chillicothean. She said she grew up in here, has been here all her life, loves the town, and has dedicated her life to community service.

Preston says she is retired from 26 years as a Chillicothe police officer, but still has her commission, but with the Ross County Sheriff's department, and works in the city schools as their resource officer.

She is passing around petitions for her candidacy, which is due February 1st. The election will be in November.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture for iHeart Media Southern Ohio. For stories or questions, contact the iHeart Southern Ohio Newsroom or Kevin Coleman

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