Chillicothe Eagles Funding More “Knoxboxes” for First Responders

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If you’re worried you might not be able to open your door in time for EMS or the fire department, there is a way for them to have access to secure keys with something called a “Knoxbox.”

Chillicothe Council is working on an ordinance to accept $4,800 from the Chillicothe Eagles to fund more of the devices. The city already has 50 of them, and this will pay for 20 more.

One version of a Knoxbox, from the company's website.

Council member Steve Barnes, retired Chillicothe Assistant Fire Chief, said Eagles Aerie #600 wanted to make a donations towards the fire department, and they agreed that this would be a great investment.

Council member and retired Fire Chief Jeff Creed explained that Knoxboxes are mounted at the outside of a door. When first responders need to get in, their dispatcher can remotely unlock the box so the door can be unlocked instead of broken in.

Creed said this is good for someone who is worried that they might have to call in an emergency but won’t be able to open the door in time.

Creed says to request a Knoxbox, call the Fire Department at 740 / 773-2212. There are no requirements or paperwork, but the FD will make sure all recipients are worthy.

The proposed ordinance will have its last and final read in next council session, June 24th. Hear Creed and Barnes in their own words in the below video interview.

Eagles Aerie #600, the Chillicothe FOE, have a Facebook page.

Find more in the article on the Scioto Post, including a video interview.

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