Ross County Grand Jury: Stolen Gun Tossed Into Dumpster in Chillicothe Park

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The Grand Jury returned all 14 of their cases on Friday, May 24th, with three open for release to the public. From testimony in the the Grand Jury in one of the cases, according to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office:

On April 17th, a Chillicothe Police officer responded to a report of a disturbance in Yoctangee Park. One of two fishermen near the scene reported that he was waving a gun.

23-year-old Caden I. Gumm was found walking across the stone bridge towards the YMCA. The officer witnessed an unindicted co-defendant (who was also arrested but then posted bail) toss something into a dumpster.

That turned out to be a Springfield Hellcat 9mm handgun, which was reported stolen on April 4th in Chillicothe.

The two were apparently in an argument with other people in the park, and Gumm had been tapping his belt, implying that he was wearing a gun.

Gumm was indicted for fourth-degree felony receiving stolen property, for which he could get up to 18 months and $5,000 in fines. Gumm was listed as homeless…but after his arrest, became a resident of 28 North Paint Street.

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