Saturday’s Kenworth Truck Parade in Chillicothe

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The third annual Kenworth Truck Parade was Saturday night, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Chillicothe Kenworth (and the 101st of Kenworth itself).

After visiting the staging grounds – and picnicking and camping grounds – of the drivers at the Ross County Fairgrounds on Friday, I saw the trucks coming into town on High Street Saturday to line up for the evening parade.

I made an almost continuous six-minute ‘drive-by’ of the 62 trucks parked and ready on Yoctangee Parkway for the 8:45 parade.

Then from the corner of Water and Walnut streets in Chillicothe, I caught samples of Saturday’s parade which variously started and stopped, tooted and honked, and crossed through itself…from sunset through almost full dark in downtown Chillicothe.

Find more in that article on the Scioto Post, including three videos.

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