Ross Grand Jury: Brief Standoff with Rifle after Domestic Violence Call

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The Grand Jury returned all 14 of their cases on Friday, June 14th, 2024, with three open for release to the public. From testimony in the grand jury in one of the cases, according to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office:

On May 2nd, two Ross County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to an address in the 12000 block of State Route 28 on Carpenter’s Hill. In reference to domestic violence, they met the victim outside the residence.

She told them that 32-year-old Andrew B. Murphy was inside and had access to a rifle, and gave them permission to enter the residence, where Murphy is listed as living.

She gave them a key to the locked door. When they pushed it open, they heard Murphy say “don’t, back up.”

The deputy announced that he was from the sheriff’s office, and for Murphy to show his hands. Murphy said to not come in because he did not want to talk to them.

The deputy saw Murphy with an AR-15 rifle, ear protection, and in body armor. The deputies ordered him to drop the gun but he did not comply. He was simply holding the firearm, and not aiming it at the officer.

After about two minutes of negotiations, Murphy set down the firearm, came to the door with his hands up, and was put into custody. The rifle was fully loaded with a round in the chamber.

Murphy has been legally determined to not be allowed to have a weapon for a medical, and not criminal, reason.

For indictments on third degree felony having a weapons under disability, he could get up to three years and $10,000 in fines. For first degree-misdemeanor domestic violence, Murphy could get up to three years and $1,000 in fines.

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