What Does Brett Eldredge Want To Accomplish In 2022?

Push all of your holiday plans aside and listen to the velvety, warm, soulful voice of Brett Eldredge, serenading us with a new round of Christmas carols.

That's right. Brett is back to help deck the halls with the release of his 11-track project, 'Mr. Christmas.'

While most of us are pre-heating the oven to prepare for the end of the year's festivities, Brett took a moment to look ahead at the goals that he has set for 2022. 

"Learning to let go is something that I am always working on," Brett tells Cody Alan in a recent interview. "Just staying in the moment."

"The only promised moment that you have, is right now," says the country crooner. "Just realizing you can't control everything and being able to let go and say, "You know what, I have a very fortunate and blessed life." I just want to be there for myself and for the people I love and care about and leave it at that."

Brett's warm baritone vocals make him one of the best country crooners currently on the country scene. Listen to his jazzy, big band-inspired Christmas album now, and set your sights on 2022. A new year will be arriving faster than you think! 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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