Designer Furniture Warehouse, LLC, a retailer operating eleven stores in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania since 2004, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection on Wednesday. Company officials say DFW Furniture has requested court approval of going-out-of-business/bankruptcy liquidation sales at nine of its eleven locations, including its Chillicothe store.

The sales will be managed for DFW Furniture by Planned Furniture Promotions, Inc. The Huntington, West Virginia store will be permanently closed, while the Columbus, Ohio store will continue to operate under the direct management and control of DFW Furniture, company officials said.

DFW Furniture President Charles Kidder said the company intends to work with the customers who have made deposits prior to the Chapter 11 filing: “This was an important aspect of the bankruptcy filing. DFW Furniture wanted this bankruptcy to have as little negative impact our loyal customers as possible, so we worked very closely with our legal team and the bankruptcy court to put our customers first.”

Store customers with deposits and open orders will receive instructions for completing their orders from DFW Furniture.

“We’re proud to have been chosen by DFW Furniture, to assist the company in this difficult time,” said Tom Liddell, Sr. Vice-President of Planned Furniture Promotions. “We look forward to assisting DFW Furniture in completing the customer orders that were placed prior to the Bankruptcy filing, and also conducting a sale that will benefit the many loyal customers and the company’s vendors.”

DFW Furniture’s nine stores will be closed for a short period to complete an inventory and prepare for the liquidation, which will be followed by the public sale in a few weeks, said company officials.

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