The Ross County Men’s Homeless Shelter has started a work program called "Homeless Hands that Help."

"The program basically consists of people from the community or businesses or churches, providing work for the homeless," said Shelter Director Richie Rinehart.

He added that the work can consist of yard work, like mowing, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and shoveling snow.

Staff will transport the homeless providing the labor to and from the job site and will supervise the job. A minimum of 10% of the donation from the job goes directly to the Men’s Homeless Shelter, while the rest will go to the homeless individual providing the work.

"They have no income, so they'll do how much ever labor it is just to get a quick dollar," Rinehart said, "because they want to get out of homelessness, and they want that money for a deposit to get a house."

To learn more, contact Rinehart at 740-804-7217.