A mechanical failure causing a fire truck ladder in Georgia to unexpectedly retract has led to a voluntary recall of certain aerial-platform trucks. Chillicothe Fire Chief Jeff Creed said Sutphen Corporation contacted him about the recall earlier this week. His department has two ladder trucks; one is a Sutphen model that is on the recall list, so the ladder is out of service.


"Every single person we have -- we have to protect them as much as we can," said Chief Creed.


Chief Creed said it's not likely that the department would need to use both ladder trucks at the same time, but they can get mutual aid from GreenTownship, Circleville, Waverly, and Washington Court House fire departments if necessary.


It's not known how long it will take Sutphen to determine what the issue is and how to fix it; however, Chief Creed said the truck has other uses.


"The pump on tower one of our Sutphen that's out of service right now still works," said Chief Creed, "so we could still use it as a pumper truck while we're waiting for them to determine how they're going to fix the issue that they have going."