"Don't Talk to Strangers" has been instruction that parents have given to their children for many years. It is still great advice, according to Chillicothe Police Officer Bud Lytle.

Lytle took to the airwaves on News Radio WBEX Tuesday morning to present safety tips for parents talking to their children about how they should react to strangers. 

Officer Lytle says children should never accept gifts from strangers, never go anywhere with such a person, and don't fall for the story about a stranger needing help finding a lost pet. These are all ploys that have been used to abduct children.

Lytle says a child should yell and make as much of a commotion as possible if a stranger attempts to abduct a child, even if that person has a weapon. Officer Lytle says studies have shown that many people who are abducted, become homicide victims. So his advice is to "fight for your life."