"The Best of Ross County" at the Pump House

The annual high school art show has opened at the Pump House Center for the Arts, and Kevin Coleman caught up with the "Best of Show."

Cedric Seebohm says his large piece started as simple board game, but developed into a bigger work of art.  With metallic paint depicting a nebula, small magnet-mounted 3-D printed spaceships can be moved around a glowing large sphere.  

They are from Star Wars and other movies and games.  Seebohm says a sci-fi theme "tends to happen in space." 

It's a conjunction of art, science, engineering, and gaming...and teaching his elders.  He says his librarian got a 3-D printer and charged him and his tech partner Logan with learning to use it.  They then taught their art teacher the same.  

The piece by Seebohm is among 97 made by student artists from Unioto, CHS, and the Ross County Christian Academy.   Most are for sale at the Pump House until February 26th. 

 Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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