Frugal Living Advice

There are items you should be spending your money on this month, according to Mary Hoover, who runs   She specializes in frugal living.  

She's a stay-at-home mom of three.  Everything from saving on groceries, to finding the best deals online, recipes and do it yourself projects - by doing these little things, she saves big.  

With spring around the corner, Hoover says stock up now on what you need for next winter - because right now, there are great deals like 30-50 percent off. 

Another good buy is tax software.  Programs are being discounted now, well before that April deadline. You can also file for free online. 

Need a new mattress or dining set? Presidents Day means sales.  Hoover says look for furniture to be marked way down around the 20th. 

What about what you should not buy?  Hoover says anything Valentines day related.  That goes for flowers, jewelry, candy, chocolates.  Hoover says if you can wait a day or two, do it. the prices will go way down. 

One thing people always want to know about: with the Super Bowl coming up, is it a good time to buy televisions?  Hoover says her gut tells her no.  

But...she says it's something that goes back and forth, which is why it's always a good idea to go online, do some research - check out brands, typical pricing.  If a new tv is coming out, maybe buy an older model at a discounted price.

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