Circleville Council Has New Member, Tweaked Budget

Circleville Council has a new member as of Tuesday evening. 

Jeff Hallinin has stepped in as a Republican at-large councilman, filling in for the tenth year of Dorcas Morrow, who had to step down to keep her State Teacher's retirement.  

Hallinin said he has been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 28 years.  He was born and raised in Indianapolis, and move to Circleville about 4 years ago.  

He has three children in or graduated from college.  His wife stood by him as he took his oath of office.....and joined council.  


Council corrected their budget by tightening their belt.  

Finance chair Barry Keller said this is an annual adjustment to the new year's budget, when final numbers are known.  

That involved "stripping out" $200,000 dollars in the general, capital, street improvements, safety funds.  

But left in, was $100,000 of funding for a plan for Ted Lewis Park that has been untouched for more than a year.  

But as discussed in the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee after the council session, that leaves no funds for renovation of the old Everts school wing.  

Council also discussed how to deal with funding requirements for the health district.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils  

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