Chillicothe Council Considers Term Changes

Should the terms of Chillicothe Council members be changed?  Is it worth the cost?  

In the committee meeting before council, the idea to change council members from two-year, to four-year staggered terms, was inconclusive, especially with an unknown cost...and may not happen in the fall election without more input from the public.   

Committee chair Pat Patrick said being new in a two-year term can mean taking a year to get familiar with the job...and then suddenly you have to run for re-election.   And there's a chance there could be ALL new members voted in since all council seats are voted on at the same time.   

But putting it to the voters may be prohibitively expensive.  Elections aren't free, and the cost of running an issue depends on who else is sharing the cost of the election.  

For a council session lacking an lasted long enough.  

One ordinance was introduced and passed to help get the Law Director's server computer replaced with "the cloud."  

Chamber of Commerce CEO Randy Davies spoke on the "Chillicothe Community Planning" process underway.  

Mayor Luke Feeney said the service department would be out of the old Armory in Yoctangee Park by April 1st. And council's recent tour of city facilities was commented on, with more discussion expected.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils  

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