Circleville Council on Pool, Parks, Addiction

Circleville Council discussed an offer to fund a new public swimming pool complex, Tuesday evening.  

The last pool in Ted Lewis Park was shut down last summer.  But Circleville Morning Rotary is offering to raise as much as two million dollars for a replacement.  Vacant land near the old Everts School is the ideal location. 

Councilman Tom Spring says that would make it convenient for kids to walk or bike there.  

This may involve school property, but their superintendent doesn't anticipate a problem.  Rotary and the Y will meet Monday to talk further on this very preliminary idea.  The YMCA has invited Circleville leaders to see other similar public-private partnerships in central Ohio.  

It will probably be more then two years until the pool might open.  


The Pickaway County Park District has offered to share their fall levy funds.  

Councilman Tom Spring says the district will give out grants if their 10-year tax levy is return for help in that success.  The philosophy is that everyone benefits from each other's parks.  


Spring also mentioned that Circleville is starting a series about the addiction crisis, that Chillicothe did last year.  Based on the book "Dreamland," about Portsmouth's drug issues, it starts with a panel discussion 6:30pm Tuesday in the Pickaway County District Public Library.  

A series of five workshops will follow, this spring.  Learn more in the listing on the Pickaway library's website.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils  

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