Zane Trace Receives $500,000 Donation to Upgrade Athletic Field

Zane Trace High School is getting a new track and turf for its football field thanks to a generous donation by an anonymous donor.

Zane Trace Superintendent, Jerry Mowery, made the announcement Thursday that the school had received a $500,000 donation.

"We've always had some issues with having 82 games on our football field; it's really hard to maintain a good playing surface. We are very fortunate to announce we had a private donor step forward with a half-million-dollars earmarked for new artificial turf and a new track at Zane Trace," said Mowery. 

Athletic Director, Allen Koker, says the new track and turf will be a boon for the school in attracting new and different events. 

"This is just really going to make that facility come together and be a place that hopefully down the road we can have other events there," said Koker. "Every year you get a request from the OHSAA if you want to fill out a survey to be able to host playoff football games and track events; things of that nature, so now we can do that and hopefully that will generate some money as well to help pay for the remainder of the project."

The estimated cost for installation of the new features is around $800,000. The additions will come at no cost to taxpayers or the Zane Trace School District. The Zane Trace Boosters Club will be holding a meeting on Sunday, March 5th to discuss whether to fund the rest of the project with donations or fundraisers.

Superintendent Mowery says they are hoping to begin work on May 1st and expect it to be completed by the end of July. You can hear the full interview with Mowery, Koker, and Boosters President, Donnie Jarrell, on the podcast page at HERE

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