Chillicothe Council Heard Mayor's "State of the City"

Mayor Luke Feeney gave his "State of the City" address, before the council session. 

His talk, which was broadcast live on local cable, and should be archived on Youtube, was brief and upbeat.

He said the numbers look good now, with a year-end carryover better than the previous few years. As auditor and then mayor, he's been close to city finances for four years during the recovery from the "Great Recession." And he announced he and the auditor is working together on rainy day fund. 

Feeney listed many improvements in the city, including 43 new businesses in the downtown, in just the last year. 


After a previous council committee discussion about lengthening, but also staggering, council terms of office - council president Bruce Arnold said, putting that on the fall ballot will not cost the city any more than what it's paying for an issue already on the ballot. 

Pat Patrick said the deadline to do so is in August. She expects another committee meeting to discuss it next week, and also wants other input on it - council members have surveys on their Facebook pages. 

Patrick also wants to have a committee meeting over raising sewer, but not water, rates. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils 

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