Ohio Secretary of State Speaks in Chillicothe

The Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted spoke to the Ross County Republicans at the Chillicothe Country Club Thursday evening.  

As the Ohio officer in charge of elections, he said "democracy requires our participation."   Local people need to run for office to help their community become stronger, and to eliminate what weakens it.  

Husted said he said he has worked to improve election integrity by removing dead voters and duplicate names, and to cross-check possible out-of-state voters - to make Ohio so it is "easy to vote and hard to cheat."  

And...is he running for governor?  He said he will make an official announcement on his plans to run for governor "in the coming months."  

Ross County Republican chair Diane Carnes explained the "Lincoln Day Dinner" is an annual event for local Republican parties.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils  

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