Chillicothe Police Investigate Rash of Vehicle Break-ins at Local Hotel

Chillicothe Police are investigating a rash of vehicle break-ins at a local hotel.

According to a Chillicothe Police report, items stolen and damaged caused during the incidents overnight Tuesday total nearly $3000. 

Windows were broken out of three vehicles parked in the lot of the East Main Street Holiday Inn Express. Damage was also caused to a portion of fence located on the southern side of the hotel.

Security footage revealed two white males in dark clothing entering the parking lot around 2:30 a.m. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Chillicothe Police.

Below are selected portions from the the investigating officer's incident report:

At Holiday Inn Express (1003 E Main St), I met with Matthew Edmondson who reported his two company trucks were broke into over night. He stated he parked the trucks on the west lot of the hotel at approx. 7pm on 3/13/17 and called this dept when he found them broke into on this morning. He stated the vehicles belong to his employer (New River Electrical). A white in color, 2013 Dodge 5500 had a broken front passenger side window ($400) and a Dell laptop ($1000) and FUJI Digital Camera ($300) were stolen from inside. A white in color, 2013 Dodge 2500 had a broken rear driver side window ($400) and a Dewalt drill set ($300) and bit set ($100) were stolen from inside.

He stated he did not see anyone around the trucks throughout the night. I did not see any signs of physical evidence on or around the trucks. 

I was then contacted by Baldomero Perez who reported his rental car was broken into as well. He stated he parked the silver in color Chevy Trax on the west lot at approx. 11pm on 3/13/17. He stated nothing was taken from the vehicle. I observed the driver side rear door window busted out ($300). He stated the vehicle is owned by National Car Rental. 

I observed foot prints in the snow, leaving the area on the outside of the southern fence line that lead to the alley west of the property. The footprints were not detailed enough to be used for identification purposes.

I contacted Holiday Inn Express' General Manager who reported the southern property fence was damaged during this incident ($200). 

I reviewed security footage that showed two unidentified white males in dark clothing enter the parking lot at approx. 2:30am and break into the vehicles. 

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