OU-C Hosted Filmmaker on Women's Rights

Kamela Lopez said, after being a child actor on Sesame Street, she found herself typecast as a Latina.  So she created her own company, "Heroica Films.

Her latest work is a documentary "Equal Means Equal," about how women are not treated equally under the law. 

Lopez says the movie has been refused by distributors, but is available on iTunes.  She says it's a movement, not just a movie, and she will send out information though a newsletter about the movement.  

The 90-minute documentary was screened at the request of Ohio University - Chillicothe, and supporters of the ERA.  

The Equal Rights Amendment is still an ongoing effort, and is a little closer to passage after 45 years.  

Chillicothe native and resident Tammy Simkins is a co-director of "ERA Action," a nationwide grass-roots effort that is dedicated to ratifying the proposed constitutional amendment.

Their strategy is to get three more states to pass it, and for Congress to drop their deadline for its passage.  

It's just now a little closer to passage - that's because Nevada started ratifying it Monday.  Two more states would make it part of the Constitution, and she says Illinois and Virginia are the ones closest to action.  

The ERA effort started in 1920, after women got the vote after fighting for suffrage for 73 years...but the last advance was in 1982.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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