Circleville Council Plans to Act Next Week

Circleville Council did not have enough members present to pass legislation Tuesday evening, so they will meet next Tuesday evening to take action.  

Part of that was because Mayor Don MacIlroy was on a business trip, forcing the council president to be Mayor Pro Tem.  David Crawford hinted that the mayor might return with good news.  

In the meantime they discussed what they plan to pass.  Service director Don Sherman answered for most.  

He said the list of streets to be worked on should be listed on the city's website by the end of the week.  

Sherman said the Municipal Court will pay for renovating their lower level.  Parks & Rec will apply for a $1,000 grant, but their board will decide what it's for in their regular meeting two days before the deadline.  

Since no one bidded on scrapping the stainless steel liner of the demolished city pool, the city will handle its recycling.  

And Sherman explained the city's effort to rezone a parcel next to the old Davies Motor site on South Court Street, now bisected by the new US 23 Connector.  

He says the new owner isn't sure what they'll develop it into, but the city wants to facilitate it being part of a Tax Increment Financing district.

The Long Range & Strategic Planning Committee had a long meeting to discuss a proposed downtown redevelopment district, park & rec planning, and tweaking the zoning ordinance.  

Two members are visiting the city of Delaware rec center to look into a similar arrangement with the Circleville YMCA for a new pool.  

And the departing president of Ohio Christian University, Dr. Mark Smith, spoke for 18 minutes on his accomplishments in the last 12 years.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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