Chillicothe Council OK's Grants & Rates

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council approved funds to get more and connected buses, and to raise and not raise utilities.  And, the head of the Land Bank spoke. 

Pat Patrick saw four ordinances pass.  One was a grant to add software and internet connectivity to city buses. The city will have to pay only $1,000 for its share. 

Another ordinance is for three new buses at about $200,000.  The city's share will be $20,000, which has been budgeted. 

The other two ordinances regard water and sewer rates:  The price for city water will NOT rise.  But for sewer, it's going up 4%, to help with deferred maintenance after deferred rate hikes.  Patrick says that will cost only 25 cents on a minimum bill. 


And Ceil Corcoran saw approval for a grant for the tree park near Bridge Street and US 35, where the city will have to pay only $16,000.  

It's for a handicap-accessible walking trail with electrical access in Millennium Park, a group of trees that are clones or seedlings of famous trees throughout the US. 

It should be ready after late spring. 


The new leader of the "Land Bank" showed he's geared up for action.  

Aaron Rourke says he has a list of about 45 houses and other buildings that are liabilities, and the city now has funds and the will to get rid of them.  But, he says they're screening them for historical value. 

Rourke took the helm about a month ago, and has a "soft deadline" to plan to deal with 10 properties by May 18th.  He says the hard deadline is November 18th, because Cuyahoga County is "waiting in the wings" for any leftover grant money. 

Rourke is also talking with the head of downtown's Design Review Board for guidance.  He says he comes from a preservation background, and wants to see anything asset that can be saved, saved. 

He's not on the city's website, but he can be contacted at 937 / 654-9493 or


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils 

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