Spring Open Exhibition at the the Pump House

The 19th Annual "Spring Open Exhibition" brought in artists from a 75-mile radius around Chillicothe.  Thursday evening was opening night at the Pump House Center for the Arts. 

The show is coordinated by the Chillicothe Art League. Vice President Shelley Pocock said she was impressed with this year's collection, which appears to be more colorful, with more variety and bigger pieces. 

Around 100 works of art will be on display through April 30th - including during the annual "Earth Gathering," on the 22nd. 

Pocock says the Chillicothe Garden Club will arrange plants to go with some of the works, and the Southern Ohio Writers will write works to do the same - both like a different kind of performance art.  (Pocock will talk more about the Earth Gathering with Dan Ramey in the week before the event.) 

The Pump House is the public art gallery in Chillicothe's Yoctangee Park.  Learn more at the Pump House website, Facebook page, and the Chillicothe Art League's FB Page.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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