Water-Can Walk Promotes Clean Water Efforts

Brad Catron's mission of sanitary water continues April 22nd with the Water-Can Walk at 9am in Yoctangee Park. 

The day brings awareness to the need for clean water in remote areas  worldwide, specifically Kenya where Catron's Foothold International Missions has helped with water filtration. 

Catron and his wife Cherie founded the Chillicothe based Foothold International in 2012. Catron says 780-million people do not have access to clean water. In the Kenyan village Catron visits, villagers can walk 5-7 miles to get the water they need daily. 40 pounds of water, carried either atop their heads or on backs can be a day long process. 

Meanwhile, with the bio sand filtration units (which cost about $35) can clean that water in the time it takes to pour 5 gallons of water through the unit. 

Catron adds for every dollar invested in water filtration, it reduces healthcare costs by $3.85... one of the differences clean water can make. 

Learn more at www.footholdinternational.org.

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