Chillicothe Council Plans to Put Terms on Ballot, Upgrade HVAC

If voters agree, Chillicothe Council terms will lengthen, but they could still be all voted out at the same time.

Pat Patrick saw the first reading of a resolution to allow voters to change the terms of city council members from two to four years. 

But she says the suggestion of staggering the terms, so they all don't start - or end - in the same election, was dropped. 

The resolution will go two more reads before council should vote to put it on the fall ballot. 


An expensive control system may pay for itself quickly in a city building.

Dave Tatman saw the first reading of an ordinance to appropriate $16,900 for an upgrade to the HVAC system in the Municipal Building.  He says it will manage each room individually, such as the well-used meeting room 115 where he says it's either hot or cold, and not in-between. 

But even with the large price tag, Tatman says it will be more than worth it - by his calculations, the reduced electricity and gas usage will pay for itself in two years. 

As for his long-term view of the split-level former J.C. Penney's building?  He feels it's outlived its usefulness and hopes the city can move out soon. 


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils 

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