Chillicothe Council Hears of Proposed Sale from City Schools

The Chillicothe City School board decided on something to benefit the city, as Chillicothe Council went into session Monday evening.  

School board president Steve Mullins stepped into council's audience a little before Mayor Luke Feeney mentioned a sale to the city from the school district.  

Mullins said the school district voted to sell the school bus facility at Mulberry and Riverside to the city, which is something he has wanted to see for his 12 years on the school board.  

He said this will allow the city to move their City Services out of the old armory, and allow redevelopment at that entrance to Yoctangee Park.  

Mullins says the school district is buying the Orange Street Horizon / Chillicothe Telephone facility for their buses - and that they are finalizing that deal now, and hope to have it wrapped up in a few time for council to go through its readings to buy the property.    

Mullins said the idea to develop a school bus depot at the city Transit Facility, from a few years ago, did not work out.  

And councilman David Clay will have committee discussions on city properties...including buying the city bus facility. 

Clay will have his committee meetings the evenings of May 1st and 8th.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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