OHP to Conduct Church Bus Inspections in May

The Jackson License and Commercial Standards Office of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is planning to conduct 2017 Church Bus Inspections in May.

The Patrol is required to inspect all church buses registered in Ohio annually, prior to May 31st, to ensure the safety of passengers.

The inspection points are in areas located throughout Southern Ohio for the convenience of Local Churches and appointments are required to be made for the inspections prior to the inspection dates.  

Arrangements for inspections can be made by contacting the Jackson LCS office of the Ohio State Highway Patrol at 740-286-9845.

Churches who fail to make an appointment will not be inspected on the set inspection dates listed above and they will be required to contact the Jackson LCS Office for an inspection at a later date.

2017 State of Ohio Church Bus Inspection Dates:

Scioto County - Scioto County O.D.O.T. Facility - May 10th

Gallia County - Gallia County O.D.O.T. Facility - May 11th

Athens County - Athens County O.D.O.T. Facility - May 16th

Ross County - Ross County O.D.O.T. Facility - May 17th

Lawrence County - Lawrence County O.D.O.T. Facility - May 22nd

Jackson County - Jackson OSHP Salvage Inspection Building - May 24th

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