Former Camp Sherman Unit Visits Chilicothe

Memorial Day ceremonies in Chillicothe Monday morning included a visit from a former Camp Sherman Army unit.

Colonel Nelson Irizarry gave the address for the event in Grandview Cemetery.  He is the commander of the 83rd US Army Reserve Readiness Training Center based at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  He says the Army will de-activate units and then reassign them as needed. 

That happed to the 83rd in 2014, so he is now in command of it and is responsible for maintaining continuing its lineage. 

That includes ribbons for service in World Wars one and two - because the 83rd was created in Camp Sherman in 1917.  They still wear the "Ohio Division patch" which has a circular cipher of the word "Ohio," even though they are now in Kentucky. 

Irizarry said visiting Chillicothe for the first time felt like the colors coming back home.  He hopes to return for the Camp Sherman Days centennial event in July. 

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Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture