Circleville Council on Draft Budget, Refinancing

Circleville Council gave a first reading to their 'fantasy' budget Tuesday evening. 

Finance chair Barry Keller oversaw the almost $22.5 million dollar preliminary budget, required by state law in the middle of the year.  He said they throw in everything they can to try to get approval for it.   

But Keller says "the true work begins in the fall" - where they have to get real with the numbers.  He says it'll probably be a 5 to 10% trim off the draft budget. 

And a Circleville Council committee planed for some financial action Tuesday evening. 

Auditor Gayle Spangler helped the Finance Committee review four proposed ordinances: financing two new police cruisers, accepting a grant for a grass truck to fight grass fires and field fires, various refinances, and a refi for the city's part of buiding the US 23 connector and Clark Drive (the connector street at the rebuilt school campus). 

The legislation is expected to be passed in the next council session. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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