Ross County 911 to be Shut Down for Repairs, Wednesday.

Amid ongoing issues with the local 911 emergency line, the Ross County Sheriff's Office says the 911 system for all of Ross County and Chillicothe will be shut down tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st, starting at 5:00 a.m. so repairs can be made. 

The 911 service outage is expected to last around 30-minutes, barring any unforeseen issue. 

During this time all emergency phone calls to the Ross County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Chillicothe Police, Fire, and E.M.S. should be made to 740-773-1185, not 911.

Horizon landline customer’s phones that dial 911 will be rerouted to the 740-773-1185 number during this time, however, Time Warner/Spectrum cellular and voice over internet 911 calls will not be rerouted. Time Warner/Spectrum customers will need to use the 740-773-1185 number instead.

The community will be notified once the 911 system is again operational.

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