City Utilities Got Needed Funds in Chillicothe Council

In Chillicothe Council Monday evening, City Utilities asked for - and got - $113,000 for three requests at first reading...for good reasons.

City Utilities Director Richard Johnson explains he's had several emergencies in the last couple of weeks. 

One is the control panel for the emergency power generator in the water plant.  They could be a dire situation if the power goes out and they can't pump water. 

And, the air conditioning failed there...but personal comfort is not the main issue.  The control room computers could overheat; two weeks ago it reached 100 degrees in there. 

He points out the facility is 28 years old.  It was built in 1991, and is reaching a point of needing many replacements.

Johnson also got funds to replace part of a stainless steel gas feed pipe at the sewage plant that helps put byproduct methane to use. 

Council also finally authorized acquiring the city schools bus facility.  Expect a $13,000 request next session to start moving in. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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