Leaders Work to Fill Building Dept. Vacancies

A string of recent retirements in the Chillicothe Building Department has city officials asking the public to show some patience.

Chillicothe Mayor, Luke Feeney, says leaders are working to fill those vacancies.

"We have had several retirements in our Building Department in the last several months, and it has been difficult to manage when you lose that much experience in a short amount of time. But, we are continuing to work towards retooling that department and making sure everyone gets what the need when they come to the Building Department," said Feeney.

In the meantime, Feeney says the County has stepped in to keep things working as smoothly as possible.

"The county government has been exceptionally generous and is acting as our chief building official and facilitating our plan review," said Feeney.

There may be some hiccups along the way but the Mayor assures the public the department will continue to operate as close to normal as it can until the vacancies are filled.

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